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I get a lot of emails asking a lot of questions about my planners every day, so this FAQ page is designed to help you find answers to your questions quickly and easily!

General Questions

Can you customize a planner for me?


I will be doing customization weekends soon - and I'll customize what I can for everyone at no charge over those days. So make sure you sign up to my newsletter to be notified of when these happen - just scroll down to the footer to subscribe.




Will your planners work with my iPad Pro?


Yes, they do! I know of several people who use them this way, and love it, however I haven't yet had a chance to test them.


I can't find the Irma Collection planners anymore...


The Irma Collection has now been retired to make room for a new free collection. I realize these were much loved and popular, however it's time for something new!

Free Printables


Where can I download the free printable files?


You can now download using the links on each page it's featured on - just scroll down to find them.

How do I download your planners?


This is really simple:


  • Click the link you want to download.

  • The file will open in a new tab in Google Drive.

  • Click the download icon up the top.

  • Open the files in Adobe Reader

  • Choose your printer, number of copies you would like etc.

  • Then press print!


You can also download my Printing Guide for more detailed instructions.



Do I need to subscribe to download your free printables?        


No you don't! But I'd love it if you did! You'll be the first to know every time I release new printables and posts, and get some exclusive deals too :) Just scroll down to the footer to sign up.


Can you email me the files?


No. There are download links provided.


Do you have a printing guide?

Yes I do. You can download it here.

How do I print two pages to an A4 sheet?


If you're looking to do this and then cut the pages down to A5, I don't recommend it as they won't align properly on the page, and double sided printing will be difficult.


If you cut your paper first, then print, the result will be much better as the pages will align to the centre of the page, and the margins will be even - for both single and double sided printing.


A5 paper is not available where I live...


That's ok, A5 paper is exactly half a sheet of A4. You can ask your stationery shop if they can guillotine some pages for you - there is normally no charge for this. Alternatively you can cut them down to size at home. I always recommend cutting paper down to size before printing.


Why are black fonts printing out as grey?


You have an 'eco' setting switched on in your printer settings. This tells the printer to economize ink by reducing the color saturation. If you turn this off, it should print normally again.


Can you recommend a company to print and bind my planner?


In Australia, Officeworks can do this for you - however they are very expensive. I believe the equivalent in the US and Europe is Staples.


Personally, I use my local printing and stationery shop, or the small, local printers. I find them far cheaper, and the guys always help me get things printed just right - and they don't charge if they print it wrong. I always recommend printing on a commercial printer like this, as the quality is generally better than home printers, and it can make a big difference with delicate designs.

Planner Sizes

Do you do sizes other than A4?


Unfortunately no, and I probably won't be in the future as this is an ISO International Standard size. If you're looking to print a size slightly smaller or larger than A4, you can try scaling the pages in the Print dialog box. This will slightly stretch/shrink the designs, so you'll need to trial and error this to see if you're happy with the outcome.


Can you print my planners in US Letter or Half Size?


I don't recommend trying to print any of my planners in these sizes, however many people have done it and been happy with the results. Printing this way is a trial and error process - you will need to fiddle with your printer settings. Bear in mind that they will always have wider margins as the proportions of these pages are different to A4.


Can you print my planners in Personal Size?


I don't recommend this. My planners were designed for A4/A5 and Personal sizings are far smaller, so fonts may become illegible as they are reduced so much. Line spacings will be very, very thin, and many boxes will not have enough room to write in properly.

Do your planners fit Happy Planners, Erin Condren, Kikki K, etc?

Honestly, I don't know. There are so many planners out there, and they all use slightly different sizes - even if some of them say they are 'A5', you often find they're a little wider or taller than a true A5.


All my planners are done at true ISO International sizes:


A4 dimensions are -  210 x 297mm, or 8.3 x 11.7 inches.

A4 can also be printed larger in A3, or smaller in A5 very easily as it is proportionate. If you're looking for a size that is slightly smaller or larger than A4 or A5, you can try scaling the pages in the Print dialog box. This will slightly stretch/shrink the designs, so you'll need to trial and error this to see if you're happy with the outcome.

What you're allowed to do..


What is the copyright on your planners?


My printables and planners are for personal use only, so no, you cannot sell them, you cannot give them away to your friends, you can't republish them, and you can't pass them off as your own.

You cannot link directly to the download, nor can you copy the designs and templates.

You also can't go and change, amend or generally fiddle with the files and designs using other software.

You can find my official, full Copyright Policy here.


Can I make a planner using your files as a gift for my friend/mum/sister?




Can I distribute your planners at my Non-Profit event?


Please contact me here so we can chat about it - it depends.


Can I feature your printables on my blog?


Of course! Please make sure you include links back to the post (not the files), and you are welcome to use a photo or two. I'd love it if you could send me an email when your post is published, so I can visit your site and feature your post on my social media channels!


Can I link directly to the download on my blog or site?


Under no circumstances. This would directly violate my copyright.

What programs do you use to design your planners?


I use Adobe Creative Suite.

Can you send me the original Adobe files so I can edit the planners?


No. (And see below.)


Can I use another program to modify your planners?


No. I use fonts and elements of other designers' work under license, and this would infringe on my own and other people's work.





Still can't find an answer?


 Feel free to email me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can - just click here.

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