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The Irma Collection has changed!

The Irma Collection has by far been my most popular planner collection - one post alone hit a million views last year - and I've had hundreds of emails from people saying how much they love them.

But, coming into 2019, a few edits were necessary, so if you've used them in the past there are a few changes you need to know about!

They've been re-designed.

Firstly, I've re-designed each and every page to bring them in line with my store layouts. You might not notice these changes - like making sure writing lines are the same width, text sizings and alignments etc - but they are now cleaner and more consistent. Basically, they're easier and nicer to use.

This also means that ONE file will now print to A4 or A5 - so it's less confusing and there are waaay less download links to sort through.

And they all come in Australian and US versions where necessary - so you can choose to have your weeks start on a Monday or Sunday - whatever your preference!

They're now all undated.

Secondly, I've canned all the dated planners... But, I've replaced them with undated ones - so you can use them anytime. Most of the new designs are very similar to the old undated ones, so you should be able to find the same planner you've used in the past - just with a few tweaks!

And ALL the planner styles I offer on my store are now available in the Irma designs for FREE. Yep, you read that right - 8 styles of daily planners, 8 weeklies and 4 monthlies are all FREE. In six colors each!

The set is now complete.

The final news is that I've completed the set - so meal planners, goals, housework, recipe books etc - all these extras are now available in either a Mini or Epic Bundle via my store.

I know some of them used to be free. But they've all been re-designed, and to keep this blog going (I'm in desperate need of a PA!), I needed to do this. I also figured more people need a beautiful planner for free than they do some of those extras - I'm so sorry, but it had to happen :(

So the Irma Collection has been re-designed and completed - and now you can fill your planner with anything and everything you need to start achieving your goals! Click the links below to begin browsing!

Irma Daily Planners

Irma Weekly Planners

Irma Monthly Planners

Visit the Store to find Irma Mini Bundles, Epic Bundles and Accessories Bundles

All the best,

Eliza xx


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