• Eliza Ellis

12 Top Tips for Dealing with Kid's Clutter

I think I speak for all mums when I say - you haven't known clutter until you've had kids!

The sheer amount of stuff that comes with kids is just jaw dropping.

There are the clothes that only fit for a few months and then need replacing (or are stained beyond repair on the first wear).

The plastic bits and pieces that take over your kitchen - and are always missing lids... always...

The baby 'accessories' that all the experts told you were 'essentials', but you never ended up using...

And the toys... oh my goodness... the toys...

Now admittedly I only have one kiddo, but over the last 5 years, I've gotten pretty good at controlling the kid clutter and not letting it over-run the house, so here are my top tips for containing the chaos.

12 Top Tips for Dealing with Kid's Clutter - Easy ways to control the chaos that comes with kid's stuff. By Eliza Ellis.

Getting to grips with all those gifts:

A lot of kids clutter is well meaning and comes in the form of gifts from friends, relatives - even Santa.

And I've often found Missy to be far happier with less than more, you know. For her first Christmas, she was given a baby Belle doll (Beauty and the Beast), which she absolutely adored. The following year Santa gave her another Ariel toddler doll. She barely touched it. Ditto for the Sofia doll she was given for a birthday.

The same happened with the Barbie style princess dolls - she adored Snow White, and I thought it was a bit stingy that she only had one... so Santa gave her four more princesses for Christmas... Aaaand they just sit in the toy basket unused.

Moral of the story? Sometimes less is more and one is enough - and sometimes Santa can buy presents for the sake of it and really, the kids don't need or want it. It just ends up as clutter.

I often ask people to only buy Missy ONE present for Christmas and Birthdays too. Kids toys - books especially - can be so cheap, it's tempting to buy them three or four. But if 10 of our friends got her 4 books each, well that's 40 new books to find a home for...


TIP 1: Don't let Santa get too carried away!

TIP 2: Limit gifts (within reason) to single presents from friends and family.

TIP 3: Sometimes less is more, and one doll is easier and better to play with and enjoy than six.

Sorting the sentimental stuff:

Most people who know me will tell you I'm incredibly unsentimental. And it's true.

That said, I do have a box full of Missy's stuff that means the world to me.

The tiny beanie she wore when she was born, wristbands, cards, photos, and lots of 'firsts' - first drawing, first time she wrote her name, first lock of hair... and the locks from the first time she cut her own hair lol!

This box is full of wonderful memories, but I realize there is just so much stuff I can't keep. If I keep all her artwork, I'll have to dedicate a room to it by the time she's 6 - especially at the rate those pastings get churned out of kinder!