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36 Things to Label for School

Today's post is a quick one, but hopefully a useful one as you get ready for the Back to School rush!

Lets face it - kid's lose stuff at school. Jumpers and hats. Drink bottles and spoons. And way too many pens and pencils!

It's expensive and frustrating.

But if you can get into the habit of labeling everything before it leaves the house, you'll have a much better chance of seeing it again!

In the past, I've used a proper labeling machine like the Dymo brand, but found it to be very expensive, so instead, I like to use iron on labels for clothing - I bought the little ones pictured at my local haberdashery store.

And if you can't find pre-cut labels, iron on fabric hem tape will do the same job!

There are also plenty of places online that do labels customized with your child's name - these are great as they're always nice and clear to read, and save loads of time.

Any type of stationery or electronic device will look and wear best with sharpie labelled stickers - just normal Avery ones do the job nicely. Or you could go fancy and use Washi Tape, but they may unravel easily. A sharpie is also best for anything plastic that's going to go through the dishwasher.

Ok, so here's the list - cast your eyes down and check you haven't forgotten anything!


1. lunchbox

2. drink bottle

3. plastic snack containers

4. lunch/drink cooler bags

5. fabric snack bags

6. spoons, forks and utensils


7. all exercise books

8. all textbooks

9. pencil case

10. calculators

11. protractor sets

12. stationery - pens, pencils etc.

13. binders

14. school diary

15. school bag


16. label the actual device - laptop, iPad, iPhone etc.

17. any device cases or covers

18. chargers

19. keyboard and mouse

20. headphones


21. all items of school uniform - pants/skirt, jumpers, blazers, shirts etc.

22. all socks and shoes (handy for when they change for sports)

23. ties, hats, scarves, gloves etc.

24. all items of school sports uniform

25. bathing suit, towel, goggles etc.

26. all after school activities clothing (e.g. for ballet, cricket, footy etc.)

27. sports equipment

28. all sports bags


29. musical instrument cases

30. music lesson books

31. art smock

32. art folio

33. library bags

34. wallet or purse for lunch money

35. bus or train ticket

36. anything going to Show and Tell

Did you forget anything? Lol! Go grab your sharpies and name the last few things you missed - right now, before you forget :)

I hope this post has helped :) And if I was the one that missed something on this list - let me know!

All the best,



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