• Eliza Ellis

63 Back to School Organizing Tips & Tricks

So my little sister has asked me for some Back to School organizing tips, and here they are - all sixty three of them!

Missy is due to start kindergarten in January, so writing this post has been great for me, as it's made me think about how to organize it all smoothly.

*** Quick update! Missy is now almost finished prep, and I use nearly all of these tips daily! ***

Many of these tips are common sense, many are mine that I already use/will be using, and some I actually picked up from said sister :)

So here we go!

62 Back to School Organizing Tips - The Back To School Series by Eliza Ellis

General tips:

1. If you can, get your hands on a copy of each child's syllabus for the year. Knowing what they're supposed to learn, and the level they 'should' be at will help you keep an eye on how they're going, and you can help them if they're struggling before it becomes a major issue.

2. Most families are either morning or evening people - so play to your strengths! If mornings just aren't your thing, try to do as much as you can the night before - layout clothes, have a shower, bath the kids, organize breakfast and lunches. If you're not a night owl, organize as much as you can while the kids are still at school - including dinner.

3. Try to get your kids into a strong morning and after school routine - the structure will help both of you immensely. Routines will vary from family to family, but mine (when Missy goes to school) will go something like this:


  • Get Dressed

  • Do Hair

  • Breakfast

  • Pack Bag

  • Teeth

  • Sunscreen

  • Shoes On


  • Shoes Off

  • Unpack Bag

  • Change Clothes

  • Snack

  • Homework/Reading

  • Pack Bag for Tomorrow

  • Clean Up

4. I'd never heard of a 'mudroom' until recently, and it's a brilliant launch/landing pad for the whole family. (So jealous of you guys in the US - mudrooms, basements and attics... oh my!) If I had one, top priority for me would be hooks for backpacks, some kind of neat storage for shoes, a cork/notice board and storage for sports gear. Oh, and a bowl for keys, change, receipts and all the other stuff that comes out of pockets when Husbands walk in the door (...golf tees, phones, beer bottle tops, pens, bank cards, screws, cash...)

5. If you don't have a mudroom, work with what you have. You still need places for everything I just listed, they just won't be together - instead, focus on everything having it's dedicated space, and being put back there everyday. So, backpacks on hooks in the laundry, shoes on a rack by the door, sports gear in the hall cupboard, and keys (and Husband's crap) in the bowl on the buffet.

6. Choose a system to handle your calendar/schedule and all the school paperwork that comes home, and stick with it. Whether it's a corkboard on the wall, your Home Organizing Binder, a diary or just your phone, choose