• Eliza Ellis

How to Store Fresh Herbs

Fresh herbs are one of my absolute favorite cooking ingredients.

I love being able to wander out to the garden and snip a few fresh herbs to add to whatever I'm cooking - they give any dish a lovely, fresh lift and take it from everyday to amazing.

All my herbs are grown in big terracotta pots on our back patio, but there are a few varieties that, no matter how hard I try, refuse to grow.

Oh, ok, I'll admit it... maybe from time to time I forget to water them... for a month or two...

Anyway, I've resigned myself to buying some from the supermarket every now and then.

Compared to growing them yourself, bought herbs are expensive, and over the years I've killed that many plants that I've gotten quite good at making them last as long as possible!

The method I'll share with you today is the only one that's stood the test of time in my household - and it's simpler than you'd think.

How to Store Fresh Herbs // Eliza Ellis. If you can't grow your own or have a black thumb (!), here's how to have beautiful fresh herbs at home and make them last for days!

So here's how to do it:

  • When you're choosing which bunch to buy, choose crisp, fresh and bright green herbs – avoid any with darker patches, or those that are wilting.

  • As soon as you get home, remove the plastic, cut any ties, and loosen them up a bit

  • Fill a small jug or vase with water and add a single drop or two of vinegar to keep the water clean.

  • Remove any lower leaves which will be submerged in the water, and pop them in the jug. If you need to cram them in, use two jugs.

  • Make sure you keep your herbs away from direct sunlight and heat - so not on the windowsill, and not next to the oven.

  • Change the water every day, and your herbs will last for ages!

It really is that easy.

Do you love having fresh herbs on hand to cook with too? How do you store your herbs?

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