• Eliza Ellis

The Working Mum's Survival Guide

Earlier this year, Missy started school, and I started doing full days at the office.

Now I'd been warned. My sister had said 'You'll be busier than ever. You think you'll have all this time, but you just won't.' She warned me, and I thought 'Pfft!'.

By week 4 I was an absolute wreck. All I could think of was 'Omg - I have to do this for the next 12 years... and some people have, like two kids... some have four... omg!' (Serious respect to those girls who work full time with kids xx).

Six months in and, honestly, I'm still crazy tired, (and I have my first two wrinkles :( ), but I've gotten really good at saving time and being more efficient, both at home and at work, so today I thought I'd share my tips with you!

This post ended up being quite long, and a little bit random, so I've divided things into Home and Work sections for a little bit of order - enjoy!

The Working Mum's Survival Guide - Time saving and organizing tips to help you get through the work week! // Eliza Ellis. Including tips for getting more done in limited time at work and at home.

At Home:


I'm a zombie in the mornings, and the biggest thing I've found is that routines are King - the same thing, the same way, everyday. Get up, make coffee, drink coffee, wake child, dress child, do child's hair, give child breakfast and iPad (so she can slowly wake up), get myself ready, pack bags, shoes on and go. Routines have never been my thing, but without our morning routine, we'd be crazy unorganized. So if there's one, single tip you take from this post, start yourself a strong routine.


Try waking up a little earlier. I know, sleep is so precious, but how much easier would your mornings be with an extra 10m? And when you wake up, switch on the radio or music! It gets everybody moving and in a good mood to start the day.


Make breakfast easy! Cereal and toast are standbys for a reason - they're fast and easy. I often whip up some Bircher Muesli on the weekend, then serve it through the week. I make it with oats, good yogurt and pureed apples - mix it together, add anything else you like (cranberries, sultanas, honey, cinnamon etc), and leave it in the fridge at least overnight. I'm yet to meet a child who won't eat it, and in winter, 30 seconds in the microwave makes it warm and fluffy. It's fast, good for them and oh so easy - and the perfect weekday breakfast.


Get clothes ready the night before. I lay out uniforms and pack sportsbags in the evening so they're ready to grab in the morning. It saves frantically hunting for tiny socks, and is just one less thing to do.


I also do lunches the night before - obviously with an eye to not making soggy sandwiches! I also make lunches to a formula - sandwich/wrap plus a homemade treat, plus cheese and biscuits, plus two pieces of fruit. For me, this is fast and easy, and I can do it in 5 minutes after dinner. I regularly change up treats, sandwich fillings and cheeses, and buy seasonal fruits so it's not the same thing all the time, and again, it saves time in the morning.


Most of the time, I bake two slices on Sunday night for lunches, and to take to our various offices for morning tea. I find slices so fast to make - I mean, you just tip them in the pan, smooth them out and once they're baked cut into pieces - many don't need icing, they're easy for little fingers to handle, and I burn them way less often than biscuits. My favorites are all Women's Weekly recipes, and my go to one is this vintage Ginger Coconut Slice. (I never add the ginger.) This slice cuts beautifully, and you can vary the base as much as you like - try adding cranberries, white chocolate chips and just a drizzle of icing


By Sunday night I also aim to have all the uniforms and our work clothes washed and ironed so I can just grab and go through the week. It's al