• Eliza Ellis

5 Inspiring Things Everyone Needs in Their Workspace

Today's post is a fun one for you - and it gets a bit personal too, because it's all about those things that are personal and hold meaning for you!

The idea for this came from a little Zen Buddha statue I bought many years ago. We were so young and money was so tight at the time, but I saw this little statue in a dollar store and fell in love with it. It had no artistic merit. It was greige. And Dan thought it was ugly from the start. It was just a little ceramic guy wearing robes, but the smile he wore was amazing. It crinkled his face in a mass of wrinkles and he beamed happiness, and every time I looked at him I couldn't help but smile too.

Years later we still have this little guy. He's watched our lives for years now, and is a bit worn and broken, but I'll never throw him away. He sits on my desk, and whenever I see him, I still smile. And it's when I was smiling away thinking all this, that I realized - everyone needs these 5 inspiring things in their work space. So here we go :)

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1. Something that makes you smile

Yep, just like my little Buddha. Something that just makes you smile, for no good reason. Just because it's happy or funny.

So I called Dan to ask him what he has, and honestly, I ought to have known better. Let me firstly just explain by telling you the Ellis Creative offices are super cool - they're a testament to his dual loves of design and tech - think mod industrial with aged leather couches, blackboard walls for brainstorming, floor to ceiling projectors for Skype meetings and original artworks of people like Kurt Cobain. And his desk is this epic raw wood and steel creation that's completely bare, except for his computer.... and a little model of a poo emoji his mate sent him in the mail...

I have no words. But seriously, whatever makes you happy! (And I'm pretty sure the old poo emoji isn't on your list!)

2. Something inspiring

I love a great inspiring quote, and I always have - that's why I do so many on Instagram. There's nothing better than finding a brilliant quote or word that just resonates with where you are and what you want to achieve - so why not add one to your workspace where you can see it and be inspired everyday.

I often have a word, because it's easier to remember. Last year it was passion, but this year I've gone with change, and I've added it as a bookmark in my planner so I can see it everyday - no matter which desk I'm working at!

And you know it doesn't have to be a quote. I've had books and magazines over the years that I know I can open and be inspired in seconds. I've had gifts or cards from friends, and emails from readers that are just so inspiring and keep me motivated. At the moment I have my Dad's first legal brief bag that he used to take to court when he was starting out. It's leather, it's old, and it's worn - and he was going to throw it away - but years ago I saved it from the bin. It now reminds me every day of one of the wisest, kindest people I have ever met, and someone I have always looked up to and hope to be more like... naww! (And it also holds my magazines rather well :)

So what inspires you? What inspirational quote or item can you add to your work space?

3. Something that reminds you why you're there

Have you ever noticed how many people have photos of their family and kids on their desks? It's because that's their why. It's the answer to why they're working and striving and doing the hard yards day in and day out.

My dad has photos of his grand kids and a gorgeous self portrait my daughter made on the wall. But he also has art - real works by some of Australia's greatest artists - and they're everywhere. He loves collecting art just for the pure joy of it. He also has maps. Maps and travel guides and itineraries are piled on one of his desks because he's always planning the next adventure. For dad, his why is his family, but he also goes to the office everyday so he can collect great art and travel the world.

So what's your why? What can you add to your space that reminds you why you're doing it all?

4. Something to remind you how far you've come

That old pennant from your high school days. That ancient mug you inherited in your first job and has traveled with you to every subsequent one (and now holds pens... because... ew!). The photo from your uni days. All these remind you just how far you've come - how much you've learned and grown and the paths you've taken.

I have a photo on my pin board that inspired my blog design when I started out in the very beginning. When I got 100 page views a day - that were mostly from bots lol! It reminds me how far I've come, and takes my breath away every time.

I know Dan has one of his first logo designs on a shelf in his office - and it's awful. Truly, truly terrible. Like OMG, beyond bad. But it reminds him how far he's come - that a kid from the country, from the tiniest town on the map, can come from nothing and be a great designer, can build something really significant and design major national campaigns and have multi-nationals in his client list. It reminds him how much he's achieved.

So what have you got that reminds you where you came from? Because I bet you have an awesome story of your own - what reminds you of your journey so far?

5. Something that reminds you of where you're going

So where are you headed? What's the big goal? What's the ultimate destination? Are you traveling up the corporate ladder to the CEO's desk? Are you working to take your side-hustle full time? Or working to grow and stabilize your business so you can take 3 months in the south of France each year? Perhaps you're seeking to win that industry award?