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5 Lists You Need In Your Life Today!

Today I have a list of lists for you! These are 5 of my absolute favorite lists that I refer back to over and over again - really smashing ones that I know you'll love and thank me for later! Truly. That's how awesome they are!

So go ahead and add them to your planner - or even start them in your phone today.

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1. The Gift Ideas List

How many times do you think 'Omg, that would be the perfect Christmas gift for such-and-such' and then when Christmas comes around you can't think of anything for that person?

I've had this list rolling around for the last 4 years - it's basically a brainstorm list - and every time I think of something awesome, I add it in no particular order. When Christmas or a birthday comes around, I just look through find heaps of ideas.

Start this list today, and honestly - you'll thank me in December!

2. The To Buy List

This is a brilliant little one I have on my phone - because generally, I don't take my planner with me when I'm shopping. All those random things I really need to buy - and then have a mental blank on when I'm out - are in this list.

At the moment I need more good coat hangers for Dan's suits, kid's birthday wrapping paper, a power board, dance tights for Missy and an iPhone charger for the office - all random stuff I'm guaranteed to forget when I'm down the street!

This is another awesome one you need to start today - whether on you're phone or in your planner - you'll save so much time, and so many trips to the store!

3. The Easy Meal Ideas List

A place to jot down all those favorite family meals. If you're anything like me, you can make them in your sleep, so you don't really need a recipe - just a reminder when you're stuck wondering what's for dinner!

I love this list because over the years I've forgotten some of the things I used to make all the time and everyone loved - and you know, meals like that are special - they're part of the fabric of us and our family. Things like my Roasted Vegetable Salad that I made up one day when we were living in Melbourne and everyone still requests; the Balsamic Tomato Pasta which was a staple of my University days; the French Chicken dish that taught Missy to eat peas, my homemade sausage rolls, and Vegies with Cheese Sauce - a relic from my own childhood.

All the meals on this list are simple, wholesome - and most importantly - I know they'll both eat them lol! It's a brilliant list to have in your planner when you're planning your meals, or on your phone when you go to the supermarket - and if you find yourself standing in front of the fridge wondering what on earth to cook - this list has all the answers!

4. The Happy List

Now I don't actually have one of these, but I was watching an appallingly bad series on Netflix... (I won't embarrass myself by admitting which one!) and I thought it was a brilliant concept.

The idea is to make a list of all the things that make you happy and make sure you do more of those things, more often. It sounds simple, but you'd be surprised how many of them you don't do very often. I know plenty of things that make me happy - but I so often push them aside to do more of the things I 'should' be doing.

So this year, I'm determined to make a Happy List and do more of what makes me happy - including watching more of those bad Netflix series'! (Sorry Dan!)

5. The Bucket List

Bucket lists are brilliant and really focus your mind on the things you would love to do, just because you can.

They aren't things you want to do because they're good for your career, or you'll get paid more, or because it's sensible, smart, responsible - basically, they're not about adulting, they're about getting in touch with the fun kid inside you again.

Things like being an extra in a film. Or creating your own ice-cream flavour or cocktail. Travelling Route 66 in a Mustang. Having your own unique scent made at a Parisian perfumery. Learning to make great homemade bread. There are so many possibilities to add!

And the brilliant thing is that once you write these things down in a list, they're way more likely to come about!

So there we go! Honestly, these are all brilliant lists that I love and use (will use for the Happy one!), so what are you waiting for, start them today! You can thank me later :)

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Eliza xx