• Eliza Ellis

Stop Being Boring! Get Out There and Learn Something New!

Are you stuck in a rut? Caught up in the cycle of work, home, kids, laundry and grocery shopping? What do you say when people ask you 'What's been happening?' Do you scratch your head and wonder? I mean, you've been busy, sure, and you're weighed down by all those grown up responsibilities, but when was the last time you learnt anything new or took up an interest not related to work?

This post isn't about me encouraging you to add more obligations to your already busy week. It's about you learning something new just for the sheer joy of it. Something just for fun. Exploring something that you've always been interested in. Something that has no real point other than you think it's awesome.

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Life is about learning, it really is. And we need to learn and grow - otherwise we stagnate. Learning a new hobby or skill means you'll be taking in new ideas, meeting new people, and as you master it, there's a wonderful sense of achievement and inspiration! It's the perfect way to de-compress and de-stress, because there are no deadlines, no real goals and no expectations of perfection. You're doing it to have a go, learn something new, create something awesome and enjoy the journey!

Years ago, for my final Year 12 Design project, I chose to make a mosaic. It was a huge 4m x 2m triptych. I painted the background scenes, then had to apply textured clear glass over the top in patterns. It took me two full weeks in our back shed, and I still remember it being one of the most wonderful times I've had. It was winter, I had plenty of hot coffee, had JJJ playing on the radio, and I could just potter, be inspired, and create this amazing work of art. I think I hand cut something like 6000 tiny glass tiles. The end result was kind-of important (hello, final school UAI!) - but it was the process of learning and creating something amazing - without stress - that I remember the most. It was one of the most amazing things I've done - and I'd love to do it again.

So I've put together a huge list of awesome stuff you can try - I dare you not to get inspired - I certainly want to try them all! And can I just say, I found all these off some google searches - so you'll easily be able to find something local to you :) I've also left out any sports too :) So here we go:


- Bellydancing.

- Tai Chi.

- Sculpture.

- Wine Appreciation.

- Salsa dancing

- Improv acting

- Pottery/Ceramics classes

- Cheesemaking

- Jewellery making

- Letterpress and Screenprinting

- Leadlighting

- Massage

- Reiki

- Mosaic making :P

- Metalworking - sculpture and/or jewellery

- Life Drawing - checkout your local art gallery - they often hold art classes.

- Batik

- Scuba Diving

- Astronomy - even our little town has an astronomy club!

- Pole Dancing

- Ballroom Dancing

- Aromatherapy

- Brewing your own beer

- Family history

- Comic Con

- Candle making

- Palm reading or tarot reading

- Leatherworking

- Digital illustration

- Pressed flowers

- Natural dying

- Calligraphy

- Theatre makeup

- Shuffle dancing

- Cartoon Drawing

- Perfume making

- Cake decorating

- Bonsai

- Rockclimbing