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Free Printable Frankie Collection Planners in Silk by Eliza Ellis - includes daily planners, weekly planners, meal planners, to do lists, goal planners, monthly calendars, planner covers, planner stickers, routines, housework planners, grocery lists, financial planners and much, much more!

The Frankie Planners are one of my earliest planner sets and testament to the timelessness of a black and white design. Bold and beautiful, with a little blush pink, these planners are for the #girlbosses who are focused on getting things done. 

I love the big, no holds barred font, the tiny crosses instead of tick boxes and that lovely hashed border. This collection has been one of my favourite designs since I made it, and I've had my annual diary done up in the Frankie Silk style several times.

If you're looking to hustle and smash some goals, The Frankie Collection in Silk is the one for you. And here's hoping you achieve everything you dream of, one #bosslady to another!

Eliza xx

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