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Free Printable Tallulah Collection Planners by Eliza Ellis - includes daily planners, weekly planners, meal planners, to do lists, goal planners, monthly calendars, planner covers, planner stickers, routines, housework planners, grocery lists, financial planners and much, much more!

Relaxed and carefree, using The Tallulah Planners is like being on a permanent holiday in the tropics. I love how the abstract illustration looks like an artwork (especially on some of the covers), and is cool and soothing - like looking at a shaded natural pool from above - which is why I gave this colourway the name Lagoon.

As with most of my planners I've kept the big pattern for main pages like covers and accessories you won't print very often to save you on printer ink. With this design though, commonly printed pages like daily planners, to do lists etc are all in shades of blue and teal, and there are four shades mixed throughout to evoke the cooling waters of a Lagoon. These pages, although full colour, are light on saturation (so no heavy patterns), and should still be easy to print.

The Tallulah Planners are a gorgeous, modern abstract design and I hope you love them as much as I do!

Eliza xx 

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