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Free Printable Whitney Collection Planners in Fuschia by Eliza Ellis - includes daily planners, weekly planners, meal planners, to do lists, goal planners, monthly calendars, planner covers, planner stickers, routines, housework planners, grocery lists, financial planners and much, much more!

I love watercolour, textural patterns and I loved this one from the moment I saw it. The Whitney Planners in Fuschia are bright - I mean, that pink is pretty out there lol - but they're also completely modern and pretty without being too girly. I find the pink and purple are anchored by the dark bronze and the haphazard pattern.

On most pages this gorgeous background is shown peeking through scribbles and doodles, which adds interest and originality to otherwise standard planner pages. The heading font is great too - it manages to be both happy and optimistic, and that's something we can all do with a little more of in these troubled times.


As always you'll find covers and accessories heavily feature this pattern, while pages that require a lot of copies have only a little colour to save on printing.

The Whitney Planners in Fuschia are a gorgeous way to organize yourself, and I hope you love them as much as I do!

Eliza xx

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