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Well hello there!

So as you've probably guessed, my name's Eliza :) I live in a teeny tiny country town surrounded by vineyards in the beautiful King Valley in Victoria, Australia.

I've got two girls - who were both aptly nicknamed the day they were born. Missy is 10 and The Menace has just turned 3. Both are delightful and beautiful but so completely different. My eldest is blonde with hair to her waist, and she's always been a kind and sweet angel. The little one lives to laugh, and is as wild as her messy, curly brown hair, with a wicked sense of humour.

Both girls love being in the country and a bit more 'free range' - they can play on the tyre swing, in the tree house, pick fruit off the trees and endlessly jump the fence to play with the neighbour's kids.

As for me, I'm inundated with home grown fruit and vegetables - it seems everyone who visits brings a bag of produce - such generous, country hospitality - so I've been making jars and jars of preserves.

Speaking of which, I love to cook and bake - especially for others. I also love writing, any kind of design - interiors, graphics, architecture, art, and am a huge history buff. I love gardening... even though I kill everything, and knitting... even though I never finish a project. I've always got good music playing and have worn through three pairs of headphones already this year, so watch out for some playlists on my socials! Fun fact, I also read tarot and have done since I was 16.

Anyway, I've been making free planners and printables on this blog for 7 years now, and making them for myself since 2004. It all began when I couldn't find a weekly planner I liked - they were all ugly back in the days before 'printables' were a thing. So I used my boyfriend's graphics software to make some. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Over the years the blog has had it's highs and lows. I've been featured on Apartment Therapy, Popsugar and, received blogging awards and my Irma Weekly Planners hit over 8 million views. Unfortunately after a while I burnt out and intended to have a short hiatus... cue finding out I was pregnant... and the short break became two years.

But I couldn't stay away forever! So I've bought the blog back, given it some gorgeous new graphics and made all my planners free. With the world on it's knees with Covid and everyone working from home, putting a little happiness and joy out there is the least I can do. And I love designing them too much to stop!

So, if you're still with me and have read this looooong post, well done! I hope it was interesting!

Please keep in touch, too!


You can follow my page on Facebook which I post to regularly with stuff about the blog as well as what I'm doing generally (renovation pics will start soon... yay!). So please give me a follow, and if you do, don't hesitate to say Hi! on messenger or a post - I'd love to hear from you.


You can also follow me on Pinterest where I'm working on curating a really great resource for anyone who loves free printables and getting organized. I've got heaps of inspiring new boards in the works, so head on over below to check them out, and don't forget to follow too!


Once again, thanks for reading, and I hope you and your family are staying safe during this awful pandemic xx

All the best,

Eliza xx

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