A little bit about me.

Well I daresay you've already guessed that my name is Eliza :) 

Let's see.... Well, waaay back in the mid 2000's, before printable planners were even a thing, I was struggling to find any type of good looking to do list or diary...


And since my boyfriend was a graphic designer, I figured I might as well mess around with his graphics programs  and make a few custom ones myself!


Fourteen years later we're married, and I'm still designing pretty organizers - but now I'm sharing them with you here!

My husband - the very talented designer Dan - is still designing, and spends most of his time up in the very cool Ellis Creative offices, making apps and new print and web stuff for some well known local and national companies.

A true creative and one of the biggest jokers I've met, Dan's favorite pastimes is teaching our 6 year old every prank he knows... especially the ones he shouldn't!

When our daughter was born, Dan gave her the nickname Mischief - and it couldn't have been more perfect. Most of the time her nickname is Missy, but sometimes Miss Chief is a far better description... and when she's wearing that wicked grin she got from her dad, it's straight back to Mischief!

We're based in Victoria, Australia, in a little country town surrounded by wine and gourmet regions. We have a little old house on the edge of town that looks down over paddocks and trees to the river, and my beloved old Benz parked in the drive.


Since I started blogging, it's become one of my greatest passions - I love creating beautiful things, seeing so much inspiring creative content everyday, and most of all - meeting people like you and helping them get organized :)

Other than that, I love coffee, I love to cook beautiful, fresh country-style meals, and I also love to knit - although if I ever actually finish a knitting project it'll be a miracle!

I'm also dreaming of the day we finally renovate our house and have our very own Grand Design ... (hint hint, nudge nudge Dan!)
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All the best,