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Free Printable Astrid Collection Planners by Eliza Ellis - includes daily planners, weekly planners, meal planners, to do lists, goal planners, monthly calendars, planner covers, planner stickers, routines, housework planners, grocery lists, financial planners and much, much more!

Recently I was given a book for Christmas called The Little Book of Hygge. It's a great read, and after finishing it two things stuck with me. First was the ethos behind Hygge, which is the creation of cosiness, comfort, conviviality and contentment. It struck me just how often in our busy, busy lives these things are neglected? And when we do create them it's more of a happy accident than a conscious decision. The second thing was, you can never, ever have too many candles of fairylights!

I'd been wanting to do an illustrated planner set for a while and after hunting through my stash I was able to put together a really lovely theme called Spring Showers. You'll find everything that's feel good and comforting in this set - warm cups of tea and cakes, wellies and umbrellas, cosy armchairs, potplants and flowers. 

The Astrid Planners will definitely bring a little sweetness and hygge to your everyday - and I'd be remiss by not mentioning another influence for this set - the wonderful Kristina Karlsson, or Kikki K. Her designs have always been delightfully whimsical and pretty, and I was wanting that for this set too.


(Fun Fact: I remember visiting her flagship Melbourne store (in Daimaru? OMG!) the week it opened in 2001 and feeling like I'd stepped into wonderland - I still have the book I bought too.)

At any rate (get back on track Eliza!), the Astrid Collection is full colour, but I designed it mindfully so there aren't any colour rich patterns on pages that will get a lot of use (saving you on printer cartridges!) Covers and one-off pages however have loads of illustrations so you can still enjoy the colourful designs.

I hope you enjoy these planners as much as I enjoyed making them!

Eliza xx

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