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Free Printable Eden Collection Planners in Magnolia by Eliza Ellis - includes daily planners, weekly planners, meal planners, to do lists, goal planners, monthly calendars, planner covers, planner stickers, routines, housework planners, grocery lists, financial planners and much, much more!

Let me tell you a story... when I was a little girl I was a flower girl at my babysitter's wedding. She was young and fashionable, and her wedding was too, so the dress I wore was this amazing 80's confection - baby pink satin, a ruched skirt held up with silk roses, huge puffed sleeves made from scratchy organza and... wait for it... matching lace fingerless gloves! I know! I still have it now and it's as disastrous as you can imagine, but, at the time it was the ultimate princess dress, and after the wedding I'd beg to be able to wear it again.


We lived next door to my grandmother at the time and she had this big magnolia tree in her front garden. I clearly remember being about 5, wearing my dress and mooning around her front garden pretending to be a princess while the magnolia was in full bloom. Every time I smell them now I remember that day - the tree is still there too, and as beautiful as ever - there's a reason they're called Queen of the Forest!

Anyway, this pattern has also always reminded me of that day - and the dress - and while it's not an 80's pink, I had to make these Eden Planners in Magnolia in a beautiful shade of pale pink too. While this is another one of those floral patterns that can look a bit overwhelming, the pared back layouts and simple calligraphy help to balance it.


I love these Eden Planners in Magnolia because they're just so pretty, and I hope you do too! And here's to looking forward to August when the trees start blooming again!

Eliza xx

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